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News: Week 5 Fall Ball Schedule
Posted by steve ruda, Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020

Attachment: 2020 Fall Ball Schedule Week 5.pdf (94.94 K)

Reminder: We are playing a regular week of games instead of a tournament for the last week. Attached is the revised schedule for September 23rd. Please use this schedule!  Since the top 3 teams have the same record, they will be playing each other to determine who is the league champion. Some changes in match-ups had to be made to reflect this. There are a few repeat matchups. I tried my best to limit them.

Thanks so much for playing fall ball this year!!

News: Fall Ball Standings
Posted by steve ruda, Last Updated: Sun Sep 20, 2020

Attachment: 2020 Fall Ball Standings.pdf (93.82 K)

Here is the link for the standings/scores after four weeks of Fall Ball.

News: 2020 Fall Ball Schedule
Posted by steve ruda, Last Updated: Tue Sep 8, 2020

Attachment: 2020 Fall Ball Schedule.pdf (21.11 K)

I have updated the schedule to reflect a change that has been made for the end of the season. I added a 5th week of games and decided that there will not be a end of season tourney. The champion will be decided by best record over the 5 weeks of play.
A couple reasons for the change. 
1) Each team will get an even amount of games. With doing a single elimination tourney, some teams will get one game while others can get 3 or 4.
2) A 15 team tourney would likely need to be split up over two weeks. Right n ...
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